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Hockman industrial blades and knives

For more than 40 years of experience, research and development, Hockman has proved to be the leader in the European, American and Middle East market in industrial blades and knives manufacturing to fit any kind of machine for the different type of application (wood, metal, food, plastic, paper, tire, leather ...)

Since 1965, Hockman has been tailoring the right blades for the different industries to fit each one’s application and needs by choosing the right material with the right treatment and finishing.

With our extreme high quality standards, Hockman’s highly skilled and experienced staff uses the high tech electronically controlled equipments in order to achieve the company’s chief aim: Client’s satisfaction.

Engineering, precision, experience and client trust built through years, has lead Hockman to be the leader in blade manufacturing with more than 2000 metric ton of production per month distributed throughout the world.(France, Italy, Germany, England, Canada, America, KSA, Syria, Jordan and Iran)

Our reliable expertise, professionalism, advanced machinery and tools has enabled us to widely expand our productivity of all kind of knives, wild variety of blades, dies and anvils designs up to 6m length with the greatest precision and quality ever.
According to each client’s requirement and machine’s needs, Hockman can tailor any kind of metal (HSS, TC, acid proof steel, high speed alloy steel, Tungsten Carbide ….) To fit his delicate application in any type of industry.

“Precision is our investment”
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