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Story behind our success

Hockman has originally started as sharpening workshop founded by three ambitious and enthusiastic young men in early 1965 in the very backyard of their facilities back in Stockholm Sweden:

John Eckman : Metallurgical engineer, driven by his passion for metals and metal’s components, took the initiative to found a small workshop along with two of his friends (Eric Borg and Carl Hanson) in his own  backyard.

Little these three gentlemen knew at that time, that their passion would eventually lead Hockman to be one of the top five industrial blades manufacturer worldwide. 

From a small workshop with one sharpening machine, Hockman rapidly expanded into class A manufacturer in late 1967 with the help of some local investors who strongly believed in the vision, perseverance and determination of Eckman, Borg and Hanson.

“People invested more likely in our enthusiasm rather than in our idea” (John Eckman)

Eckman, Borg and Hanson instantly realized the impact of their high credibility and trust they have built with their customers throughout the quality of their products, pushing the three musketeers to create strict quality procedure from the very first day of production: Each and Every finished good  product shall be inspected carefully for its hardness, homogeneity, material,…to make sure that Hockman will deliver not only a blade but a new Era of cutting dimension.       

By 1969, Hockman was almost covering the entire market of Stockholm and started expanding its sales west toward Oskarshamn, Varnamo, Hassleholm,….
However, Hockman’s expansion was far greater than expected in the west region, which urge Hanson to leave Stockholm’s team and found new manufacturing facility in West region (Kristianstad) in order to keep up with the sales growth back in that area.
By 1971, Hockman was already producing via two plants above 900 Metric tons per year which was at that time the biggest volume to be produced ever by a single company, ranking Hockman to be the top leader in the cutting market.

As expected, by 1982 Borg left Stockholm’s team to found a third new manufacturing facility back in the North region (Jokkmokk) to cover that area, and consequently to cover entire Sweden.

On 1991, Eckman’s expanded his horizon further more and held a boarder of meeting (Eckman, Borg and Harson) back in their original facility in Stockholm  to discuss the international potential market.

By 3rd of July 1992, Hockman founded its first manufacturing facility abroad Sweden in India to cover the Asian market,  followed by Australia, Canada and many others.

At this stage, Hockman has eleven manufacturing facilities around the world, proudly satisfying end users from  the four corners of the globe.
“Precision is our investment”
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